Manager, Respite and Residential

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Manager, Respite and Residential
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February 28, 2022
$22.89 - $33.29 Hourly
Guelph, On
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·        Provide direct service and support to individuals or clients, such as handling issues, conducting a needs evaluation, or resolving complaints.  

·        Ensure that each person receiving support is provided with the necessary support and guidance to create an Individual Support Plan (ISP).

·        Ensure staff training and adherence to behavioural and/or medical protocols and support strategies as outlined in the ISP and/or Behaviour Support Plan (BSP).

·        Ensure that regular review, monitoring, strategy development, documentation and follow up occurs with individuals in regard to meeting outcomes identified in ISPs or POCs.

·        Communicate with community and act as a liaison between organization and community groups (school, other homes, etc.).  

·        Contribute to the completion of all relevant reports to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, including but not limited to Serious Occurrence Reports (SORs) service volumes, licensing and compliance, Quality Assurance Measures, Health and Safety Reports etc. Manage the preparation and maintenance of reports necessary to demonstrate high quality programming. Prepares periodic reports for the leadership team, as necessary or requested, to track progress toward program and agency goals.

·        Review financial statements, budgets, invoices, personnel activity reports, or other performance data to measure productivity or goal achievement or to identify areas needing cost reduction or program improvement.  

·        Maintain awareness of advances in the developmental services sector, government regulations, funding resources, and legislative requirements: 

o   Possess and demonstrate knowledge of First Aid, CPR, CPI, WHMIS, Occupational Health and Safety Act, fire prevention and safety procedures..

o   Ensure that Health and Safety, Serious Incidents/Occurrences and Crisis Management Plans are understood, followed, and reported.

·        Immediately advise the Director and/or Executive Director of serious issues/problems/concerns regarding staff, buildings, equipment, and vehicles

·        Problem solve and develop solutions for program and staffing issues.

·        Provide transportation to individuals via association or public transit as required.

·        Collaborate with  HR in the hiring process including recruitment, screening, interviewing, selection, orientation, and staff training.

Required Qualifications

·        Degree or diploma in arelevant field required.

·        Minimum of 5 years ofwork experience in the developmental services, social services or otherdirectly related field.  Minimum 2 yearsin a leadership role.

·        Experience working withpeople with developmental disabilities, dual diagnoses, and complex behaviouralneeds;

·        Work flexible hourswithin a variety of settings as required by the changing needs of the programand the people we support;

·        Flexible hours asneeded, rotating on-call schedule and associated responsibilities;

·        Must have valid class G driver'slicense.

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